Fewer Sit Down to Family Meals

Posted May 14, 2013

Working families are struggling to find enough time each week to enjoy even a basic sit-down meal together, research shows.

A study by Santander found 8% of working adults with children at home say they get to sit down for a family meal less than once a week, including weekends.

A further 15% only sit down for a family meal once or twice a week including at the weekend.

The findings are part of a study of how much time Britons spend in their home in a typical week.

A total of 25% said they have less time to spend in the home than they did a few years ago. Over one-quarter (27%) of working adults say they rarely or never have time to do household tasks such as DIY or household chores, and 22% say their home can feel like merely a place to eat and sleep rather than a "real home".

Working Britons spend an average of one hour and eight minutes a day commuting, one hour and one minute carrying out other activities outside the home such as shopping, and 58 minutes getting ready for work. An average of 50 minutes a day is spent carrying out hobbies or interests outside the home.

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