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Red Raspberry Combination

Red Raspberry Combination contains herbs beneficial for the last six weeks of pregnancy to strengthen and tone the uterine wall, facilitates natural contractions, and prepares the body for childbirth.

Combination Herbal Formula. The Herb Masters' Original Formulas. Since time began, dedicated Herb Master have discovered the precious secrets of herbs from Nature. They skillfully developed valuable formulas with just the right balance of natural plants that were most effective. The Herb Masters' Original Formulas, only from Nature's Herbs. Our exclusive FreshCare system inhibits normal plant oxidation, maintaining product potency and extending freshness. It includes all-natural antioxidants in each capsule, oxygen-absorbing packets in each bottle, special air-tight seals and amber glass packaging for uncompromised quality. Unconditional Product guarantee: Nature's Herbs unconditionally guarantees this completely natural product to your satisfaction. Nature's Herb products are non-irradiated.
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Red Raspberry Leaves, Squawvine, Blessed Thistle, Black Cohosh Root, Blue Cohosh Root, and Pennyroyal
As an addition to the daily diet, take 2 capsules per day with meals.
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Do not take when pregnant except during last six weeks of pregnancy.
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